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State of Inbound
2017 report

Marketing trends, changes in buying habits and looking to the future. This report has it all.

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Consumer habits are changing drastically and Inbound is the driving force. What your prospective leads and customers want today - and how they want to interact - is different to what they wanted 10 years ago. As a result we have had to change the way we market and sell to match the way people actually want to shop for goods or purchase services.

The latest analysis and insight is all captured here in the 2017 State of Inbound report. It covers the top challenges and priorities facing marketers and sales reps today, as well as a glimpse into future trends and channels that will soon affect the way we all do business. The inbound journey for marketers, salespeople, and executives alike is just getting started. Together, let's adapt for the age of the buyer — the Inbound way.

What you'll find in the report...
  • The state of marketing and sales
  • The state of the business
  • Looking to the future
  • Understanding the modern buyer
  • Evolution of the state of inbound - trend data

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