Case Study


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Payzone was concerned that its cost-per-lead was too high – in addition its offline lead acquisition methods were increasing in cost. Payzone wanted to switch primary lead acquisition to digital but first needed to reduce the cost-per-lead significantly. Our objective was to reduce Payzone’s cost-per-lead without impacting the quantity of incoming leads. The expectation from Payzone was a cost reduction of 65%.

Find out how we achieved these results...
  • In the first quarter of the campaign, we surpassed Payzone’s own reduction target of 65%. The final reduction of the average cost-per-lead was 72.4%

  • Impressions rose 244.7% from 125,812 to 433,669. Clicks were up 65.58% from 4,692 to 7,769 and all important conversions rose 134.57% from 376 to 882

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