The Aspinall
Foundation Case


I want it!

Despite being relatively new, the initial implementation of the Aspinall Foundation website by a previous vendor had some integrity issues which required a brand-new website to be built. It had been the victim of a number of hacks in its short lifespan and as a result the site had been locked down temporarily, restricting a key marketing and engagement portal for the charity. Mobile traffic to the site had also been growing fast, but functionality – from discovering basic information as a visitor to booking tickets – was poor and the site’s performance was slow. There were also SEO issues due to the application of bad links.

Improving the navigation so that it was more user-friendly with clear signposts and ensuring the content on the website answers more customer enquiries were also early priorities for all stakeholders. Prodo needed to address these issues to improve the user experience and functionality before implementing a reach and convert strategy to turn the website into an effective visitor generating asset.

Find out how we...
  • Ticket booking conversion rate increased by 26% and revenue increased by 30%

  • An 18% rise in total bookings

  • A 16% increase in pages per session

  • A 12% increase in time spent on the website per session

  • A 7% decrease in bounce rate

Ok, I'm convinced